понедельник, 22 декабря 2014 г.

суббота, 25 октября 2014 г.

Revisited Layered Kicks MK6 micropack

This kicks is reedited version of a pack i made few years ago. Download.

Revisited Layered Snares MK3 Micropack

This samples are re-edit of samplepack i made about 2 (or more) years ago. This samples are sweet and punchy and good for dubstep or drum'n'bass music production. Download here.

Swetened Snares micropack

Snare samples with some sweet cracks and clicks added. Get it.

Tails Claps micropack

This claps are smooth, non-attaching and somewhat long. Well be a good solution to add some noisy and wide tail if you making a brostep snare. Download it.

Upgraded kicks micropack

This kicks sound techy, punchy and bassy. Download.

Upgraded Snares micropack

Made some strong-punching snare samples, by taking TR-808 and TR-909 snares and SERIOUSLY UPGRADED them by adding punch-frequency peak and SERIOUS compression. Take'em. TAKE'EM TAKE'EM TAKE'EM!!1

Vigorous Snare micropack

Made some strong-punching snares by taking some lazy vinyl snare samples and VIGORIZED them by adding some strong compression and time-shifting. DO WANT

Weirdized Percussion micropack

Made some tiny pack of weird-sounding percussion. Get it HERE!

Widened Claps Micropack

Just made a bulk of clap samples, that formed by haevily processing with a bunch of effects and audio-editor time/pitch shifting elektron monomachine claps. Grab it.